Worlds Builder

Create virtual worlds and make it easy for various AI tools to handle their extensive context. Generate massive assets, such as dialogue, NPCs, within a consistent world.

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Virtual Characters
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Consistent Dialogue
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AI Content Creation

Dialogue and lines in games often involve long contexts, which traditional chat AI tools struggle to handle. Glimnote can manage these long contexts, enabling you to create your intended content more efficiently.


Glimnote’s AI tools will help you to visualize and put into words the whole picture and details of your world. These world datasets will provide context for AI and streamline the workflow.


Comming soon

Glimnote’s AI tools allow you to create and share a prototype of the content you want to create at low cost. Let's build a better environment by sharing the prototypes within your team to activate communication.


We welcome collaboration and pertnerships, etc. from individuals to corporations. Please feel free to contact us.